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sexism in gaming

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Sexism: a part of gaming

If you’ve been on the internet, you’ve seen the work of a keyboard warrior. Being insensitive is the main ammunition of the typical keyboard warrior - with terms like 'rape' even part of gamer parlance. But one that is frequently overseen is the harassment of women in gaming and the games industry alike. 

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Rape jokes? Gamers really are the worst

Gaming is full of idiots. Yes, all gamers are dumb in their own special way. We’re all products of all-too-passionate competition with faceless others over the internet, fearsome loyalty to duller-by-the-sequel franchises and crude immaturity. A manifestation of this is the disgusting use of the word ‘rape’ in online gaming.  

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Evolution of the scantily clad warrior woman


The femme fatale 1996-2013: Breasts, slightly browner breasts, little-left-to-imagination dress, breasts + flashlight, If Blade were a hot woman, breasts + glasses... I think you get the idea (Image credit:

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