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Five things the Internet taught me about sexual orientation

In sequel to Five ways the internet has affected my gender identity, here are five things about my sexual orientation that I should’ve learnt in the classroom or from offline media, but didn’t. Thank God for the internet.

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Tech to combat modern slavery

Sex trafficking can be considered a modern day form of slavery. You would think slavery ended long ago. But, it's still lurking in our society's backyards. Unfortunately, the proliferation of technology, such as the Internet and mobile tools, has played its role in enabling and facilitating the abduction, sale and procurement f transporation of sex slaves which are mostly young girls and women.

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Does pornography cause sexual violence?

Pornography…why this issue? Again? It’s a thought provoking topic as evidenced by the scholarly work done to investigate the effects of pornography on children and adults alike. However, most research focused on pornography as an indistinct phenomenon with respect to sexual violence. How does pornography differ across various media platforms and to what extent does it differ? And to what extent is sexual violence such as rape committed as a result of pornographic influence?
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