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Will SMS crash or hold on?

We went from speaking over fences to calling each other from tiny and awkward phone booths. Then came the Nokia ‘brick’ phones that allowed for people to communicate with each in the comfort of their own homes.

Text messaging made it even easier to speak to people while doing something else at the same time. Years later, as phones became advanced communication became easy and affordable even to people from low income households.   

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The mobile marketing age

More and more companies are learning to use cellphones to take advantage of the advertising industry because, my guess is, people read more text messages on their phones than they read emails on their personal computers. I know I do, I not only read more stuff off my phone than anywhere else but I also read it almost instantly.

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Beyond Broadcasting: the future of state-owned broadcasters in Southern Africa


Squeezed into some 60 pages is a review of how digitisation is impacting on media in Southern Africa, and especially how the new digi-scape is impacting on state-owned broadcasters. It's been produced for distribution at the 13th Highway Africa conference to a mass of influential people in journalism and journalism education.

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