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Social media

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TV apps: keeping viewers glued to screens



In times of users being pulled away to smaller screens, TV providers are trying to keep their medium fresh and exciting. Through social tv, users can experience something they can’t if they were watching the programme online – participation. Joining the conversation has become as important as watching the programme itself.

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How to respond to customers on social media

The following podcast draws from an article by Chris Lake featured on It deals with how to respond to particularly awkward posts by customers on your brand's social media pages e.g. Facebook or Twitter, looking it things from both the brand's angle as well as the customer. Take a listen! 


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Storytelling on social media

Once upon a time...
Storytelling is an age-old tradition. It is how people have made sense of their worlds, passed on traditions and channeled their imaginations.

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Best practice for brands on Facebook

The other day it was a friend’s birthday (I knew because Facebook told me...) Thankful for the notice, I went to her Facebook profile, and there was a small message which I had never seen before, that asked me if I would like to buy her a Starbucks voucher as a birthday gift.This particular person lives in America, and was being targeted for Starbuck’s advertisements. Facebook is getting smarter each day.

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