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Top 40 open source downloads

This fabulous list, compiled by Max Kiesler, describes links to 40 open source resources to "get you started building your own social bookmarking, networking, filesharing or search application".

He's put together what he considers to be the best social software he's found over the past year. Check it out.

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Newspapers still social wallflowers

CONSIDER this. My 80 year-old dad still walks to the local store to buy his paper where he bends the ear of the 'corner boys' about daily affairs. My dad's experience of news is social in nature. News reflects and refracts what he considers to be popular or important, informs his public discourse and is consumed and shared socially. Newspaper execs who understand the social value of news position their titles through targeted marketing and promotion. Alas, the same SA papers miss the plot when it comes to social marketing online.

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Blogging ZA's big bang

There are more than 25 000 blogs in South Africa, which generated nearly 40 000 postings in August, according to figures just in from Arthur Goldstuck.
In a posting on ThoughtLeader this morning, Goldstuck reveals the first figures that give exciting insight into what's happening in South Africa, including the fact that unique visitors to blogs in August numbered 621 204.

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A way of theorising Highway A

We've sweated into our 11th year of Highway Africa - and I've often asked: what's it all mean? What's HA signify?

We began with a once-off conference, and the thing just grew into the multi-faceted unique project that it is. With a life of its own. It's pulled us along, as much as we've pushed it as well. And our actions have been intuitive to a large extent.

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