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The second screen: friend or foe?

I wouldn’t call myself a professional procrastinator or anything, but when sitting at your computer to type up something work-related and important actually means check, update and scroll (or troll) through every single social network you’re registered to, I think I may be in line for a bonus this year.


Guy Berger's picture

What every journalist should know about metadata

Journalists should know about metadata - but it's a long shot to intrude in busy lives with short-span focus on immediate story turnaround. So, that puts a lot of onus on journalism students to learn some of the secrets to visibility and meaning on the WWW. I've given this presentation to students twice now, as an intro to the subject. It's a beginner's guide because I'm a beginner here myself - albeit posing as one-eyed king - or rather evangelist in a kingdom where all of us are pretty ignorant.

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