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Twitter targets TV

Twitter has eyed the TV ad potential and decided to bring it to the social network. The concept: ‘TV ad targeting’ – finding Twitter users who saw a TV ad and showing them another ad from the same brand when they come to Twitter. Remind me how this isn't spamming users with useless ads

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TV apps: keeping viewers glued to screens



In times of users being pulled away to smaller screens, TV providers are trying to keep their medium fresh and exciting. Through social tv, users can experience something they can’t if they were watching the programme online – participation. Joining the conversation has become as important as watching the programme itself.

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Social TV brings T-Commerce and Open Journalism

by Simone Redelinghuys
Television broadcast is far from dead, it is simply adapting and transforming. The new broadcast landscape is not just about check-ins, real-time tweets, catch up TV or instant connectivity. While television and social networks form stronger bonds and increased interactivity; researchers and media practitioners emphasise that this is not the only change social TV will bring.

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