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south africa

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Greenhouse App: Spot the political sellout!

 What if I put it to you that there’s an app that can expose corrupt politicians and easily track where they get their money from?

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What I learned from the #itwebsec 2014 summit

The annual IT Web Security Summit took place from the 27 to 29th of May in Sandton, South Africa. For someone like myself who has been blogging about issues surrounding cyber security and surveillance, I was envious of those who were able to attend. Thanks to Twitter and the invention of hashtags such as #itwebsec, I was able to pick up a number of things that I found worth blogging about.
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Mystery shopping goes digital

 Gone are the days of in-store customer satisfaction comment cards. The Internet provides people with the option to give immediate feedback on goods and services they consume and some are even getting paid to do so through mystery shopping.

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R10m fine or jail time buddy, POPI has me covered

With continuous digital advancements happening in the 21st century, users have to adjust to having their personal details float around on the internet and hope that the information they entrusted to these companies is secure. My security is no longer a personal issue but that of the company (probably –ies) that I gave it to. So much for private but good to know that soon enough I can hold a company liable if my privacy is breached because POPI has my back!

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The Five Eyes are watching you!

Every time I use the internet, I sit there paranoid thinking...they could be watching me; the five eyes are watching me! Scary thoughts ran through my mind after attending a seminar at my university (Rhodes University) about Cyber Security and Digital Surveillance by guest lecturer Mindy McAdams. I kept questioning how ‘safe’ I am on the internet. Apparently those of us who care are a minority.

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