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To telecommute or not to telecommute: that is the question

Instead of traveling to your job every day, many employees around the world have had the option of having their jobs come to them, in the comfort of their own homes.

While there are numerous studies which state the advantages of telecommuting, some big businesses – including Yahoo – are resisting the move to allow their employees to work from home.

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The Telecommunication Revolution

The history of telecommunication may have begun with smoke signals and drums beats, but today we seem to have become a high-tech civilization that forgets many of its most remarkable innovations throughout history.

Let us take a few minutes to reflect upon three revolutionary inventions which show how very important the history of telecommunication is as a part of our larger culture of communication.

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Digitally Embarrassed

Web seminars, videoconferencing, instant messaging and file sharing can make business as well as personal communication easier while cutting travel. But, there can be some unintended and often extremely embarrassing consequences.

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Kiss Me Through the Phone

Does long-distance love stand a better chance of survival in our high-tech age? Many of us will probably admit to doubting the prospects of couples making their relationships work over long-distance. Numerous success stories and innovative inventions point to the fact that technology may have turned the tide and made it truly feasible for lovers separated by distance to nurture relationships and even be intimate with each other.

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SA's Telecommunications: an Uneven Playing Field

Before we get excited about what sources call world class telecommunications, we should take a hard look at the access to online information most South Africans have. 

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