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Telecoms: a slice of digital migration pie

There are very interesting developments as South Africa waits for the roll-out of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). You might want to read a previous blog for background on the whole process.

A recent report by ITWeb indicated MTN's intent to gain access to a fraction of radio frequency for the purposes of broadband service provision.

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Technology is watching you

Day 106 - Computer Is Watching

When we hear tales of Internet “sextortion”, we tend to believe that we are just too careful and cunning with our online activities to ever be a victim of our own technological devices…

The truth is that we revel in communicating with others, and love using technological devices – a combination which telecommunication and ICT development has made so easy, yet so dangerous.

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Telkom out of the loop again?

It’s a sector that’s increasingly defined by delays more than anything.

The latest setback for South African communications is Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), according to a report by TechCentral.

The LLU process is one where multiple telecoms operators are granted access to the telephone exchange in order to access end users.

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SA's e-governance: time to catch up

In a period when many countries are already streets ahead in shifting from traditional paper-based to electronic governance methods, South Africa definitely needs to heed the lessons or risk lagging further behind.

The 21st century information age has heralded an overhaul of the way people conduct their lives - both as individuals and within public spaces.

The same applies to governments.

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Here's my data: call me maybe?

"Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But I've got data. I won't call, maybe".

Apart from being a cheesy re-imagining of a pop song that surged through the airwaves last year, that opening line points to a question which has perhaps been on the minds of telecoms gurus for quite some time now: Are voice calls finally sliding further down the pecking order for mobile phone users?

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