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Television got a whole lot better

I have spoken a lot about Twitch and its various suitors over the past couple of weeks – and while it may be getting a bit much, let’s beat at the dead horse.

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No signal for television

Does anyone actually watch television anymore? Hasn’t that television “thing” just become something you turn on for background noise while surfing the web? No and yes, respectively. Well, maybe with a few exceptions like Game of Thrones (that Purple Wedding though).

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Three-way battle for SA news audiences

The recent launch of Infinity Media's ANN7 has marked a significant shift in South Africa's 24 hour news channel sector. And I'm not saying that purely in light of their highly-publicised shaky start and cringe-worthy on-air moments.

I say this because just a month ago SA only had one player in the form of eNews Channel Africa. Today there are three.

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Dummies' guide to SA's digital TV migration

Remember 2008? Neither do I. That year, government approved the switch to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) but has missed its 2011 deadline. How has this been such rocket science and why should South Africans even care? If they want to still watch TV in 2015, they may want to listen up. 

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Old, new media and sex

Scholars have long linked sex to media and technologies. These scholars have researched aspects of online pornography, digital sexuality and identities, masculinity, femininity, online dating and relationships and how the proliferation of such sexual contents and activities on media technologies affects sex, sexuality, sexual attitudes and behaviors in people.

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