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Google: not just a search engine, drives TV too

After its less-than-successful Google TV, the Internet giant is fighting back and moving forward with some projects that are marking the future of TV.
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Twitter targets TV

Twitter has eyed the TV ad potential and decided to bring it to the social network. The concept: ‘TV ad targeting’ – finding Twitter users who saw a TV ad and showing them another ad from the same brand when they come to Twitter. Remind me how this isn't spamming users with useless ads

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Online video culture killing advertising?

Your video is loading. An ad starts playing. It feels like spam, you turn the sound off and check another webpage. Another typical scenario for users, which begs the question – how can online video publishers receive revenue when advertisers see no point in advertising to an audience who doesn't care?

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SABC board games stall progress

The SABC board has been dissolved for the second time in less than five years, slamming the breaks on looming telecommunications thresholds.

Trouble at the SABC means that certain important projects might have to stall. Pic:

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The race in TV evolution

The reality is that people are watching more videos than ever, but not all these videos are coming from a TV set.

What effect does this have on the TV business model, and how can service providers change along with it? Well, they have already started, with increasing on-demand capacities, online video supplementation and a generally more ‘a la carte’ user viewing system.

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