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Mr President, where is your social media manager?

 Hate or love him, Julius Malema had it right when he said that politicians are currently in a "boxing match". With South Africa’s General Elections  just around the corner, the country’s major politicians are finding out that the twitter streets are not so friendly.

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To telecommute or not to telecommute: that is the question

Instead of traveling to your job every day, many employees around the world have had the option of having their jobs come to them, in the comfort of their own homes.

While there are numerous studies which state the advantages of telecommuting, some big businesses – including Yahoo – are resisting the move to allow their employees to work from home.

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Twitter targets TV

Twitter has eyed the TV ad potential and decided to bring it to the social network. The concept: ‘TV ad targeting’ – finding Twitter users who saw a TV ad and showing them another ad from the same brand when they come to Twitter. Remind me how this isn't spamming users with useless ads

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Why microblogging matters

While I would recommend blogging for most businesses, some might find microblogging more suited to their needs. If you perhaps have a small business with a younger target market, you don’t feel like corporate blogging would be appealing to your market, then microblogging might be the path you want to go down.


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TV apps: keeping viewers glued to screens



In times of users being pulled away to smaller screens, TV providers are trying to keep their medium fresh and exciting. Through social tv, users can experience something they can’t if they were watching the programme online – participation. Joining the conversation has become as important as watching the programme itself.

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