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Storytelling on social media

Once upon a time...
Storytelling is an age-old tradition. It is how people have made sense of their worlds, passed on traditions and channeled their imaginations.

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South Africa likes social media

I’ve discussed the extent of the pervasive nature of social media in a previous post. But let’s take a more local look. What does social media mean to South Africans?

According to an article in IT News Africa, social networking in South Africa has crossed the age barrier as well as the urban/rural divide. People everywhere and of all ages are embracing social networking.

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The breadth and width of social media

It’s not enough to exist in the real world anymore. You also need to exist on an alternative plane of reality, i.e. the virtual world of social media. This is where concepts like FBO (Facebook Official) stem from; the idea is that if a piece of information isn’t documented on Facebook, it’s not authentic or verified. So don’t think you can date someone without updating your relationship status on Facebook - nobody will believe you. (Facebook never lies.)

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Ministers on-the-go

by Ntendeni Luvhengo
Just like a drive-through at a fast food chain or quick airtime purchase, religious ministries are available in realtime. Faith leaders are not confined to their own mosques, synagogues, temples or Jesus Domes anymore. Author of Tweet If You ♥ Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation, Elizabeth Drescher, talks about a new phenomenon she calls “Ministers-on-the-go”.

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