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Measuring media development

Fackson and I presented our report on research instruments for media assessment, during a panel at the Global Forum for Media Development. And encountered a lively audience.

The report is online on the GFMD website.

We argued that existing tools being used to assess media landscapes can do well to be more explicit about what their values are, what they mean by "media", and what they mean by development.

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Organising African j-schools


MARCH 2008: Almost two dozen African j-schools, recognised by UNESCO has having potential to become "Centres of Excellence" met in Grahamstown to share ideas and network with possible international j-school partners plus media-development agencies and funders. The report is at UNESCO's website.

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Report out on Gtn gathering of African j-schools

Colleague Sim Kyazze and I sweated to finish a report on the Grahamstown gathering of 19 African J-schools earlier this year. The intention of the meeting was to initiate momentum and partnerships for the participants to move closer towards the 42 criteria that define excellence in an African j-school. UNESCO, who sponsored the get-together are happy with the report, and have now released it.

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J-Schools Afrique

Here are the web-version pdfs of the newspaper that the Highway Africa News Agency produced during the course of the Consultative Conference we just held in Grahamstown. Many thanks to HANA!

Edition 1

Edition 2

Edition 3a

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Climbing the cliffs that face African journalism

We just hosted 20 African j-schools, a couple of others (US, UK, Australia), and a handful of donors. I wrote a column on the significance of it all, so not to repeat it here. There are also interesting recommendations that came out of the meeting.

What’s worth adding is:

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