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Television got a whole lot better

I have spoken a lot about Twitch and its various suitors over the past couple of weeks – and while it may be getting a bit much, let’s beat at the dead horse.

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Not all that glisters is gold

Oh God, do I have to talk about this topic? I guess I don’t but the subject matter is interesting no matter who is involved. So here we go: Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie.
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Don't be evil Amazon

This may be a bit of old news but it is worth talking about. Amazon has bought Twitch. Yeah, that’s right – AMAZON.

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No signal for television

Does anyone actually watch television anymore? Hasn’t that television “thing” just become something you turn on for background noise while surfing the web? No and yes, respectively. Well, maybe with a few exceptions like Game of Thrones (that Purple Wedding though).

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iPhone apps: the new star on the big screen

Remember that time when it took dozens of camera men sporting expensive and heavy cameras to shoot a movie, a music video or a documentary? Today you can leave your costly recording equipment at home as Oscar-winning documentaries are now being shot with an iPhone app.

Video-enabled mobile phones followed by an increased interest in User Generated Content means that creating your own videos with your iPhone is no big deal, however it is not only the average Joe using this technique. Professional film and video makers are viewing mobile phones and mobile app technologies as creating film that is just as effective, if not better than expensive camera equipment.

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