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'Please call me' when the war is over

Please call me when the war is over. For now, it's all unfolding with gathering pace and though we're not quite caught in the crossfire, it’s a battle to keep an eye on.

It began with the introduction of a service which would enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity. But its origins are now disputed. It is, of course, the "Please Call Me" message service.

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Cell C, MTN and Vodacom face to face

The South African mobile service is no longer a game owned by MTN and Vodacom. When my mother called last night with a Cell C number, a loyal MTN user for decades now, and started convincing me to get Cell C (providing proper substantial evidence)…I knew things have changed.

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Here's my data: call me maybe?

"Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But I've got data. I won't call, maybe".

Apart from being a cheesy re-imagining of a pop song that surged through the airwaves last year, that opening line points to a question which has perhaps been on the minds of telecoms gurus for quite some time now: Are voice calls finally sliding further down the pecking order for mobile phone users?

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