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web 2.0

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SA citizens can help strengthen democracy

Administrators, companies, individuals and institutions are hard at work to develop democracy in South Africa by making more data available to the public.

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Building a successful web tool

There is a good post on thoughtleader about how to magic up a new facebook. Anja touches on the most important thing about the web today: It is no longer about the content or the tool, but what you let your users and fans do with your content or your tool, or the tools you provide with your tool, for your tool. RSS opened the doors for content to be shipped around every which ware. One of the most successful games published was Quake, because it let you change things, customize, mod, reshape, remix. Larry Lessig of Creative Commons understands this, the open source movement is based on this premise, the movement towards mashups speaks about this.

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Newspapers still social wallflowers

CONSIDER this. My 80 year-old dad still walks to the local store to buy his paper where he bends the ear of the 'corner boys' about daily affairs. My dad's experience of news is social in nature. News reflects and refracts what he considers to be popular or important, informs his public discourse and is consumed and shared socially. Newspaper execs who understand the social value of news position their titles through targeted marketing and promotion. Alas, the same SA papers miss the plot when it comes to social marketing online.

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Teasing out the "Social" in social media – a lesson from the ANC

Jacob Zuma always professes that he’s not ambitious for the presidency; it’s whether the ANC will deploy him there, he says.

It’s a hollow claim, not least because the current leadership in the ANC would do almost anything to stop this. His response, however, would be, aha, the ANC is more than its leaders – it’s the members and the historical memory.

And in some ways, the man is right – although of course he does have his own individual proactiveness working very hard to influence the members.

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How to be a 2.0 journalist

I love the Internet! Just as my inbox is filling with emails from journalism teachers gnashing their teeth about the low levels of news awareness among journalism students, so my RSS feed throws up a perfectly pertinent post: Twelve things journalists can do to save journalism.

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