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Why we no longer trust our government

Imagine going through the days of your life knowing that a pair of eyes are watching your every move, daring you to, and daring you not to. Even if you were to attempt to escape its gaze, the mere shadow of it still manages to burn to the core of your existence?
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Growing social media, growing disconnect?

I must say I was slightly apprehensive about typing up this post. On one hand I love social media - the interconnectedness, ease of sharing, and down-time; but on the other I hate that this medium can at times be more isolating than uniting.

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Empty Promises

 Facebook likes don’t save lives. Yet, most ‘likes’ and retweets come from slacktivists. Can organisations and activists use digital media for activism?

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Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Vevo – which is the fairest of them all?

In the midst of dozen of video sharing sites (yes, YouTube being the biggest-duh), lately I find myself wondering why certain videos are uploaded onto certain hosting services. Not only that, but I’m often given advice here and there about where I should upload my own videos. So I decided to do my own digging, and decide which site is best.

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