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How to innovate like Google

Image credit: Waridi Events

I'm pretty sure many people will agree that Google is awesome. But what is Google's secret ingredient in the recipe of success? If you guessed "innovation", then you are absolutely right. Innovation is practically built into every Google product, but how does Google manage to stay innovative? This was one of the primary lessons to be learned at the Google Student Summit for Sub-Saharan Africa held in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2013.

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The race in TV evolution

The reality is that people are watching more videos than ever, but not all these videos are coming from a TV set.

What effect does this have on the TV business model, and how can service providers change along with it? Well, they have already started, with increasing on-demand capacities, online video supplementation and a generally more ‘a la carte’ user viewing system.

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The new 'zero tv' kids on the block

It would appear the novelty of owning a TV has worn off for young people who are more easily able to kick their tv habit than their older generation. People aren't letting their box set control them anymore but picking when and where they get their programme fix: whether it be via video streaming, peer-to-peer sharing or even monitized downloads.

The South African reality

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