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Open(ing) Africa: Carter conference generates information about “Freedom of Information”:

Edetaen Ojo - info campaigner

In Nigeria, neither the constitution nor the law gives people a right to information. It could make you cry, but there’s also a whacky side to it.
Activists seeking change have spent a decade’s worth of struggle in a topsy-turvy political landscape that would be comical were it not also tragic. But after all their work, Nigerian officialdom remains opaque, and there is no short-term prospect of relief.

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Beyond Broadcasting: the future of state-owned broadcasters in Southern Africa


Squeezed into some 60 pages is a review of how digitisation is impacting on media in Southern Africa, and especially how the new digi-scape is impacting on state-owned broadcasters. It's been produced for distribution at the 13th Highway Africa conference to a mass of influential people in journalism and journalism education.

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It’s a treat to visit The Post newsroom in Zambia – as I did recently courtesy of the paper’s unique two-person fulltime press freedom team made up of Sheikh Chifuwe and Leah Komakoma.
Operating in a double-cab bakkie with branding on the side, the two travel the country promoting press freedom in communities, schools and amongst politicians.
When The Post team is not promoting law reform, they are also running a home-grown version of what the US media call “Public Journalism”.

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